Safe Aircraft Refueling

Refueling with passengers on board, embarking and disembarking on an aircraft is a relatively safe operation, however, the possibility of an accident is always there. Many instances of fuel spillage…

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Adverse Weather Conditions at Airports

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Precautions During Adverse Weather The following actions must be taken during adverse weather or monsoon conditions to make safer airport operations. Secure the aircraft properly as per recommendations given by…

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Aircraft Maintenance Safety

Safety while working on Aircraft Aircraft maintenance work includes inspection and repair of aircraft and its components. Good work practices ensure aircraft and worker safety. Safety is everyone’s business. However,…

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How To Prevent Inadvertent Slide Deployment

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Inadvertent slide deployment is a serious threat to safety. They can cause serious injury to people in or around an aircraft, and the financial impact caused by delays and repairs is also significant.

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