A320 Cockpit Door Panel

COCKPIT DOOR toggle switch

  • UNLOCK position : This position is used to enable the cabin crew member to open the door. The switch must be pulled and maintained in the unlock position until the door is pushed open. 
  • NORM position : All latches are locked, and EMERGENCY access is possible for the cabin crew.
  • LOCK position : Once the button has been moved to this position, the door is locked ; emergency access, the buzzer, and the keypad are inhibited for a preselected time (5 to 20 min).


  1. If the LOCK position has not been used by the pilot, for at least 5 to 20 min, the cabin crew is able to request emergency access to open the cockpit door. 
  2. The UNLOCK position overrides and resets any previous selection. 
  3. In case of an electrical supply failure, the cockpit door is automatically unlocked, but remains closed.

COCKPIT DOOR Fault Open indicator

  • OPEN light ON : The door is not closed. 
  • OPEN light flashes : The cabin crew has started an emergency access procedure. If there is no reaction from the flight crew, the door will unlock at the end of the adjustable time delay (15 to 120 s).
  • FAULT : This light comes on when a system failure has been identified (Example : Latch, pressure sensors, control unit). The inoperative item can be identified by checking the strike and pressure sensor status lights on the CKPT DOOR CONT panel.

Cockpit Door Video pb

Selects the various camera image displays.

  • Camera 1 image : Displayed by pressing the pushbutton when the screen is on standby, or after Camera 2 and 3 images have been displayed. Automatically displayed, after an entry request is performed on the keypad. 
  • Camera 2 and 3 images : Displayed on a split screen, when the pushbutton is pressed after Camera 1’s image has been displayed. 
  • Standby : If the pushbutton is maintained pressed for at least two seconds, or if no action has been taken for 5 min, the screen goes blank and remains on standby.

Note: An entry request, performed on the keypad within 30 s following an earlier entry request, will not lead to the automatic selection of Camera 1, since the flight crew is given authority to select any desired camera image via the cockpit door video pb. After these 30 s, the system reverts to its normal operation.