What is Fly-By-Wire Technology

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Fly-By-Wire is a system that regulates the flight controls by electrical wires and computers. Fly-by-wire (FBW) replaces all the conventional mechanical linkages like cables, rods, pulleys, etc by electronic interface.…

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Aircraft Fuel System

The Aircraft fuel system stores and supplies fuel to the engines and the APU. The fuel system consists of various sub systems. Fuel storageRefuelingDefuelingDrainingVentingEngine fuel feedAPU fuel feedFuel JettisonFuel quantity…

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Aviation Fuel

Aviation fuel is a special type of petroleum-based fuel used for Aircraft propulsion. Aviation fuels must: Be non-corrosive.Be pumpable.Be self-lubricating.Permit quick starting of the engine.Be resistant to fungus growth.Have a…

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Aircraft Electrical System

The Aircraft Electrical System makes, supplies, and controls electrical power to aircraft. The complete system can be considered to be made up of different equipment circuits and power supply circuits.…

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Aircraft Autopilot System

The autopilot system is capable of keeping aircraft stabilized in all three axes laterally, longitudinally, and vertically. Early autopilot systems did this function during cruise only, but most autopilot now…

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Aircraft Maintenance

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The aircraft cannot fly with faults, it must be fixed before takeoff. You may think that this is such a complex and time-consuming task, but let me tell you that…

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Aviation Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic system liquids are used primarily to transmit and distribute forces to various units to be actuated. Liquids are able to do this because they are almost incompressible. Purposes of…

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Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft

According to EASA regulation, Continuing Airworthiness means all of the processes ensuring that, at any time in its operating life, the aircraft complies with the airworthiness standard and is in…

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