A320 Cabin Pressurization Control Panel


  • AUTO: Pressurization system uses the FMGS data to construct an optimized pressure schedule. To exit the AUTO position, pull out and turn the selector.
  • Other positions: The pressurization schedule does not use the landing elevation from the FMGS, but instead uses the landing elevation selected with this knob (from -2 000 to +14 000 ft) as its reference. The LDG ELEV knob scale is only given as an indication; refer to the ECAM information for accurate adjustment.


  • AUTO: Automatic mode is operating. One of the two systems controls the outflow valve.
  • MAN: This legend appears in white, and FAULT does not come on. The flight crew then uses the MAN V/S CTL selector to control the outflow valve.
  • Note: Switching the MODE SEL pb to MAN, for at least 10 s, then returning it to AUTO will select the other system.
  • FAULT: Amber light and the ECAM caution only when both automatic systems are faulty.

MAN V/S CTL toggle switch

  • Switch is springloaded to neutral and controls the outflow valve position through the operation of the MAN motor when the MODE SEL pb is in the MAN position.
  • UP: The valve moves towards the open position.
  • DN: The valve moves towards the closed position.
  • Note: To target a precise cabin vertical speed rate, only short inputs should be applied on the toggle switch.

DITCHING guarded pb

  • NORMAL: The system functions normally.
  • ON: The operating system sends a “close” signal to the –
    • outflow valve, 
    • emergency ram air inlet, 
    • avionics ventilation inlet and extract valves, 
    • pack flow control valves.
    • Note: The outflow valve will not close automatically if it is under manual control.
  • Note: Caution – If the ditching pb is set to ON, with the low-pressure ground cart connected and all doors closed, a differential pressure will build up.