A320 CALLS Panel


When the flight crew presses (and holds), the COCKPIT CALL light comes on blue on the external power panel in the nose L/G bay and an external horn sounds. 

When the flight crew releases, the COCKPIT CALL light remains. The ground mechanic can extinguish it by pressing the RESET pb on the external power panel. The external horn stops sounding.


When pressed:

  • Two steady pink lights come on, on the corresponding area call panel.
  • “CAPTAIN CALL” message appears on the corresponding AIP, and a green light comes on.
  • A high-low chime sounds through the corresponding loudspeaker.

EMER pb (guarded)

When pressed:

  • Two pink lights flash on all area call panels
  • “EMERGENCY CALL” message appears on all AIPs
  • A high-low chime is repeated three times through all loudspeakers
  • Depending on the aircraft configuration, the ON light and the CALL light comes on.

For an emergency call from the cabin to the cockpit:

  • The CALL light flashes
  • The ATT light flashes on all ACPs
  • The buzzer is repeated three times in the cockpit (for approximately three seconds each).

The cabin call system resets when a cabin crew member hangs up the associated handset.