A320 ELT Control Panel

ELT selector

ON : The ELT transmits an emergency signal.
ARMED : The ELT transmits an emergency signal, in the case of impact. (on 121.5, 243 and 406.025 MHz).
RESET/TEST : If held for 2 s, the ELT stops transmitting. If held for 10 s, the ELT starts an automatic test.

Note : If the ELT is unduly triggered while in ARMED mode (e.g due to a hard landing), hold the RESET/TEST position for 2 s to reset the ELT and stop the signal.

ON/TEST light

NO LIGHT : The ELT is not transmitting.
AMBER : The ELT is transmitting or is in automatic test. If the ELT is transmitting when the aircraft is on ground, the external horn sounds. When the ELT is transmitting, the light flashes every 5 s. After a RESET, the light flashes every second before stopping.