A320 Instrument Lighting Control Panel
A320 Instrument Lighting Control Panel

OFF/BRT knobs

These knobs are used to turn the displays (PFD, ND) on and off, and also adjust their brightness. 

  • PFD: If the PFD is turned off (knob turned all the way counterclockwise) the PFD image is automatically displayed on the NDU, but the pilot may recover the ND by means of the PFD-ND XFR pushbutton. 
  • ND: The outer knob adjusts the brightness of both the weather radar image and the EGPWS terrain display. The inner knob adjusts the brightness of the ND symbols. The ND is turned off if this knob is turned all the way counterclockwise.


Exchanges the PFD and the ND. If the PFDU fails, the PFD automatically transfers to the NDU.

Loudspeaker Volume Knob

Adjusts the volume of the loudspeaker for radio communication.

  • OFF: Radio signals are not broadcast on loudspeaker.
  • Clockwise rotation: Radio signals are broadcast on loudspeaker at the set volume.

Note: Does not control the loudness of aural alert and voice messages.

Console/Floor light

Adjusts the lights of the side console and of the briefcase on each side of the cockpit. Also adjusts the lighting of the floor around each flight crew member’s seat. The lights can be set to bright, dim, or off.