The FDIMU (DMU-Part) is connected to various source systems to collect the whole parameter set. The FDIMU uses these parameters to do various functions. The parameter list is organized refered to the connected ARINC 429 data buses.

  1. Alpha Call-Up – This column shows the mnemonic for the related parameter. If you enter this code in the MCDU, the MCDU display shows the current parameter value, one value for each system (if there is more than one system).
  2. Source – This column shows the source origin of the alpha call-up (the related source component and the number of the related system, if applicable).
  3. Parameter Number – Parameter number = Eq/Sys/Lab/SDI
    This column shows the parameter number that has the subsequent parts:
    • Equipment identifier of the connected bus (hexadecimal value of related ARINC 429 BUS)
    • System number of the system which sends the related parameter:
      • 1 for system one
      • 2 for system two
      • 3 for system three
    • Label of the parameter (octal value of related ARINC 429 BUS)
    • SDI states the source/destination identifier used by the system for the related parameter:
      • 00 means SDI 00 (0)
      • 01 means SDI 01 (1)
      • 10 means SDI 10 (2)
      • 11 means SDI 11 (3)
  4. Unit – This column shows the unit of the parameter.
  5. Parameter – This column shows the parameter name used by the system for the related alpha call-up code.
  6. Comment – This column shows the additional data of the alpha call-up parameter.

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