• Towing
    • by NLG
    • by MLG
    • with deflated tires
  • Towing by the NLG with a Towbar
    • On APU
    • On Batteries only
  • Taxiing
    • Company procedures

Towing by NLG from the Front with a Towbar

  • Safety Devices – Installed
  • Check for NLG oleo extention – Should not be more than 300 mm (11.81 inches).
  • This can cause damage to the cams that make the nose gear wheels go back to the center position.
  • On the nose wheel steering deactivation electrical box – Install the SAFETY PIN
  • ACCU PRESS – 3000 PSI >> Pointer must be in the green range.
  • If necessary, pressurize the Yellow System.
  • External Lights – ON
  • Use a towbar that agrees with SAE ARP 1915 or ISO 9667 standards.
  • For the requirements related to towbar shear pins and towbar tractor weights, refer to AC 5-8-0.
  • Towbar installation and removal procedures.
  • Speed Limits –
    • 25 km/h – Normal (doors closed)
    • 10 km/h – doors open
  • Steering Angle (Alpha) : The maximum permitted steering-angle on each side of the aircraft centerline is +/- 95 deg.
  • Steering-angle marking on NLG doors or on the fuselage.
  • After towing operation, make sure that the nose wheels are aligned with the aircraft centerline.
  • Towing on batteries only, without APU power
    • This procedure is for towing of the aircraft in maintenance configuration only.
    • The maximum towing time is 1 hour.

Towing with the Towbarless Tractor

  • Check AMM procedures
  • Also, If the tow fitting is broken, Aircraft can be towed with a towbarless tractor.

Refer to Aircraft Recovery Manual (ARM) for the towing of:

  • A disabled aircraft from the runway threshold or a taxiway.
  • An aircraft on a non-applicable ground surface (i.e. after leaving the runway or taxiway).

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