The A320 ATA 38 Technical Notes provide brief and to-the-point information about the Airbus A320 Water/Waste, including its components and their functions.


The Airbus A320 water and waste systems include – Distributing potable water to the toilets and the galleys; Disposal of waste water; and Storage of toilet wastes. The systems are insulated to prevent water leakage and ice formation.

Potable water is stored in a 200 liter water tank located in front of the wing box, behind the FWD cargo compartment. The usable capacity of the waste tank is 170 litres.

Water Tank

  • RH side behind the fwd cargo
  • Made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP)
  • 200 L capacity.
  • tank is assembled with:
    • Overflow port,
    • Quantity transmitter
    • Connection for air pressurization
  • Connection for
    • Fill
    • Drain
    • Distribution
  • Maximum pressure required to fill the tank is 50 psi.

Waste Tank

  • 170 L capacity.
  • On ground, and in flight below 16000 ft , the differential pressure is generated by the vacuum generator.
  • Clean water from the potable water system flushes toilets.

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