The A320 ATA 46 Technical Notes provide brief and to-the-point information about the Airbus A320 Information System, including its components and their functions.


The Airbus A320 Information System consists of the Cockpit Information System and the Maintenance Information System.

  • Cockpit Information Systems
    • Air Traffic and Information Management System (ATIMS)
    • The Airline Information Services
    • Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU) Router
  • Maintenance Information System

Cockpit Information Systems

Air Traffic and Information Management System (ATIMS)

The ATIMS enables the Controller-Pilot DataLink Communications (CPDLC) (High Frequency (HF) voice in backup) for the air traffic management. It also enables:

  • The exchange of complex data or specific reports between the aircraft and the ground centers,
  • Automatic reporting (position, intention) for the air traffic surveillance,
  • Specific communications between the airline and the aircraft (operational control) to improve the airline operational costs and flexibility.

Airline Information Services

These services include the standard Airline Operational Control (AOC). These datalink applications are used by the airline for maintenance, flight operation, and administrative purposes.

ATSU router

The ATSU router provides:

  • Datalink services to remote the AOC applications hosted on the on-board peripherals,
  • Datalink services to the ATC/AOC applications hosted on the ATSU,
  • Management of the datalink media: Very High Frequency (VHF), Satellite Communication (SATCOM) (optional) and HF (optional).

Maintenance Information System

This includes the Maintenance Access Terminal system, which consists of:

  • a stowage device for a standard Personal Computer (PC) (laptop type),
  • a stowage device for a standard printer,
  • a CD-ROM stowage box,
  • a PC/printer interface,
  • a static inverter.

Note: The PC and the printer are provided by the airlines.


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