AirbusWorld is an Aircraft Customer Care Portal by Airbus that provides an interface for customer service. This platform offers many functionalities, and tools, and allows a better understanding of customers’ operations through enhanced collaboration with them.

As Airbus described, all services and functions accessible through AirbusWorld have been designed to contribute to:

  • Higher availability
  • Optimized costs
  • Sustained asset value

AirbusWorld is a collaborative digital platform, that offers simplified and streamlined navigation between services through menus and shortcuts accessible from any page.

AirbusWorld allows quick and easy access to all Airbus technical data and services to help customers define, receive, operate, maintain, upgrade and optimize their fleet, as well as collaborate with Airbus in a timely manner.

The AirbusWorld is considered to be a daily working tool.

Aircraft Customer Care Portals

Aircraft customer care portals are interfaces that provide guidance while managing coordination with Aircraft manufacturer teams in order to resolve issues and ensure customer (operator) satisfaction.

The aircraft customer care team delivers customers end-to-end, day-to-day, 24/7 support throughout the aircraft life cycle. They deliver effective and timely answers to any issue operators may face, as well as provide key information needed to operate the operator fleet in the best conditions.

AirbusWorld Applications

There are many tools and applications available on the AirbusWorld portal to support Airbus customers and operators, MROs as well as other registered organizations.

I’ve gathered some basic information about the applications available at AirbusWorld that all Airbus aircraft maintenance personnel need to know. This will help you navigate better within the AirbusWorld portal.


airnavX is one single access point to list, download, browse and search Airbus technical documentation from Maintenance, Engineering, and Flight Operations domains.

airnavX has three setup options, via Online Browsing (accessible from AirbusWorld), via Intranet for customers’ in-house installation, or via Stand-alone for offline computer usage.

airnavX provides accessible and accurate technical data:

  • All manuals and technical data
  • Available on-ground, online, and on-board
  • Compliant with International Civil Aviation standards 


The online collaborative platform to manage all your technical queries with Airbus Customer Care experts. Experts from Repairs, Engineering, Tech Data, Flight Ops, Scheduled Maintenance, Supplier Support, Simulators, or software services are dedicated to resolve any queries that operators may have on the operator Airbus fleet.

TechRequest allows customers (Airlines, MRO, Lessors, etc…) to submit questions or information with Airbus on topics related to an aircraft, service, or software.


AIRMAN-web is a tool designed to optimize the management of unscheduled maintenance events on Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, and A380 aircraft.

This service is a web-based tool accessible via AirbusWorld, the Airbus customer portal. AIRMAN-web comprises three main modules developed to optimize airlines’ dispatch reliability, reduce maintenance costs and implement predictive maintenance actions.

Acknowledgment Service

Acknowledgment Service is a secured application that allows an external company or organization to acknowledge receipt of data availability and/or document publication. Administrative tasks linked to the shipment of physical documents or paper acknowledgment receipts are no longer necessary.

AirN@v Engineering

This service provides access (consulting and downloading) to all engineering documents. AirN@v / Engineering is the reference service for AD, AOT, EUAD, MOD, MID, MOI, OIT, OIT-FOT, SB, SBIT, SB BOOKLET, VSB, SIL, and TFU consultation and download, replacing the Engineering Technical Documentation service (ETDS).

ADOC Web Flight Ops

ADOC Web Flight Ops is a complete solution to customize and publish operator Flight Operation Manuals for Single Aisle, Long Range, and A380 aircrafts.

  • Ability to customize operator Flight Ops documentation through an online service.
  • Revision management tool to integrate Airbus modifications at each new delivery and reduce time to release a new version.
  • Powerful Edition environment to simplify manual customization and business-oriented assistant.
  • Management of Airbus, Airline In-house, and other manufacturer Documentation in a single tool.

ADOC Web Maintenance

ADOC Web Maintenance is an online content management tool dedicated to maintenance documentation revision, modification, and publication.

  • This is an online content management tool designed to customize Maintenance electronic documentation.
  • This allows authoring (edition), revision management, and publication of Maintenance documentation.
  • Supports Airbus and other manufacturers’ structured data. It can also cover Airline’s Internal documentation.

Skywise – Service by airbus to improve operator’s operational efficiency, preventing delays, and reducing risks of AOGs.

Skywise Health Monitoring

Skywise Health Monitoring is the next generation of digital services by Airbus for real-time aircraft health monitoring and troubleshooting based on the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS).

This solution provides the airlines’ Line Maintenance, Maintenance Control Centre, and Engineering departments with all information that really matters for efficient management of unscheduled maintenance events, aiming at ensuring the aircraft dispatch while maximizing the overall availability of the fleet. Key functionalities include – 

  • Real-time aircraft message monitoring
  • One single cockpit to access all relevant data (troubleshooting tasks and manuals)
  • Correlation of aircraft events with the associated technical documentation
  • Adaptable events prioritization to match operator operational requirements
  • Embedded workflow for better collaboration across the teams
  • Connection to the airline Maintenance Information System


WISE gives access to the Technical Follow-Up (TFU) and In-Service Information (ISI) articles. It includes the indexes of all available articles. WISE (World In-Service Experience) is an application providing specific knowledge capitalized and analyzed by Airbus, through In-Service Information (ISI) and Technical Follow-Up (TFU) articles. The information is based on in-service events, operators’ and suppliers’ experience, and lessons learned (flight tests, laboratory…).

Airbus Avionics

Airbus Avionics is the operator avionics partner, inside Airbus. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) within the Airbus Engineering organization, Airbus Avionics assists you to maintain all avionics products and radome reliable and safe during their complete lifecycle via a wide perimeter of services.

Founded in 1963 with the launch of the Concorde Program, Airbus Avionics has been involved in the development of Avionics products for more than 40 years, proof of unparalleled technological know-how and repair expertise on all Airbus aircraft family and ATR.

Airbus Avionics’ main products: FCC PRIM/SEC, ECP, FWC, SDAC, ATSU, A380/A350XWB IMA & NSS/FSA NG, RADOMES, EGSE… The complete product portfolio (LRUs and SRUs) is accessible within this application.

Airbus WIN (Worldwide Instructor News)

The Airbus WIN platform provides Instructors with information from the Airbus Flight Operations and Training Standards department.

The objective of the Airbus-WIN (Worldwide Instructor News) platform (available to all for free on the Internet at and also via an App on IOS/Android) is to provide Airbus Flight Instructors worldwide with information from the Airbus Flight Operations and Training Standards department. 

The Airbus-WIN content is also very instructive for anyone interested in flying an aircraft in general.

You will find very instructive videos, presentations, and articles that deal with topics that the Airbus Flight Operations and Training Standards department considers necessary to highlight.

Airbus Spares

  • Overview of the entire material management support and services
  • Part number information such as price, lead-time, manufacturer code, stock status, location, and interchangeability
  • Order entry, order report, and single purchase order status
  • Accounting functionalities, e.g. account statement and invoice download

CDIS – Customization and Delivery Service by Airbus

CDIS Aircraft Status report

The Aircraft status report provides a status of the Aircraft’s progress during the Manufacturing and Delivery phases.

CDIS Cabin & Livery

The Cabin & Livery module of CDIS provides information about cabin layout, emergency drawings, color specifications, and external livery for a given aircraft or fleet.

Provides a set of documents that are created and updated during the aircraft customization process:

  • Cabin layout or Lay Out of Passenger Accommodation (LOPA): this document describes the cabin configuration
  • Emergency Drawings: this document gives the list of cabin emergency equipment as well as their location in the cabin
  • Color Specification: this document presents the interior color definition, exit areas, and cabin colors, decors, and facilities in all classes
  • External livery: the external livery of the aircraft
  • Cockpit layout: this optional document provides the list of cockpit equipment installed at aircraft delivery and the relevant assembly/installation drawings.


The Aircraft Inspection Report (AIR) is a document that identifies the status of a given aircraft at delivery time. It provides traceability of main constituent assemblies, key equipment, embodiment modification status of the aircraft, and related “R & C” concessions at the time of delivery. The AIR is used to demonstrate the conformity of an aircraft to the customer and relevant authorities.

CDIS Delivery Documentation

The Delivery Documentation module of CDIS allows getting access to the Conformity documentation given at the time of delivery. Aircraft conformity with the definition dossier is demonstrated using a set of documents that are created and updated during the aircraft production process. Airbus Deliver Centre Conformity Department is responsible for providing the customers with this set of documents at the time of delivery.

CDIS Communications

Communications linked to CDIS and Customization and Delivery Process.

Part Cockpit

Get all information related to a part in one click.

GSE Cockpit

The GSE Cockpit gives you access to all technical information available for specific tools required for maintenance or repair. It also includes an overview of logistical information (tool availability in the Airbus warehouse and prices).

SB Reporting

SB Reporting provides an easy way to report on SB embodiment (Schedule, partially or fully embodied, rejected) and SB quality perception. A function and role offer the possibility to use the service to display only the current SB status, without the possibility to report.

Supplier Technical Documentation

The Supplier Technical Documentation service provides an online consultation of suppliers’ component maintenance manuals (CMMv) available in PDF.

It allows access to suppliers’ CMMs that are effective for the operator’s fleet.

Through the application interface, the users are able to:

  • Search document by Aircraft type, ATA references, document type, supplier code, and Part number.
  • Access, print, and download via the PDF reader plug-in (Acrobat Reader) the available release of the suppliers’ technical documentation.
  • Display the list (customized index) of applicable suppliers’ component maintenance manuals (CMMv) that are effective for the operator’s fleet.

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