The World Airlines Technical Operations Glossary (WATOG) definition of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is: equipment required on the ground to support the operation and maintenance of the aircraft and all its airborne equipment.

Airbus divides GSE into two categories:

  • Tools
    • Standard tools
    • Specific tools
  • Standard GSE

Standard tools are hand tools such as spanners, sockets, gauges, torque wrenches. The specifications (size, range, capacity, accuracy) are given in the related Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) task to let operators use the tool brand of their choice.

Specific tools are tools designed by Airbus or by its vendors to carry out given maintenance tasks on the aircraft or one of its components.

All specific tools called up for “on – aircraft” maintenance in the AMM and the TSM are illustrated in the Tool Equipment Manual (TEM).

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