Aviation MRO software is a computer program that helps aviation organizations manage the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft and their components. This Aviation Maintenance Software typically includes modules for inventory management, work order management, scheduling, compliance tracking, and reporting. It is used by airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and MRO service providers to streamline their maintenance operations and improve efficiency.

Aviation MROs face many challenges, ranging from manual work scheduling, non-accurate work estimations, lack of resource visibility, inventory leakage, and disparate legacy systems. The need of the hour is to have a one-stop-shop MRO solution that enables paperless operations, manages complex contracts, and is easy to use.

The goal of any company implementing an aviation MRO software solution will be to better improve their organization’s logistics, engineering, planning, and maintenance control. It also improves production control and better quality assurance.

Two of the most popular aviation maintenance software include AMOS and RAMCO.

  • Swiss AviationSoftware AMOS
  • Ramco MRO Aviation Software


Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has developed comprehensive and fully-integrated software called AMOS, which successfully manages the maintenance, engineering, and logistics requirements of modern airlines and aviation MRO providers.

AMOS, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Operating System is a complex integrated software package that manages the maintenance, engineering, and logistic functions of aviation companies.

AMOS is a completely integrated program that maintains everything needed in order to maintain and access information. Data have to be entered only once; hence inconsistencies are reduced, while productivity and data quality are increased.


AMOS (Aircraft Maintenance and Operations System) is a software application used in the aviation industry for managing aircraft maintenance, engineering, and logistics operations. It is designed to assist airlines and other aviation organizations in planning and executing maintenance activities, tracking inventory and parts, and generating reports and other documents required by regulatory agencies. AMOS also offers features such as integration with other systems and modules, including flight operations and finance, and a customizable user interface.

AMOS Modules

AMOS (MRO software) comprises eight core modules that build the heart of the system. Here are the modules:

  1. Material Management Module: Handles inventory management, ordering and receiving processes, parts availability and component utilization, and warranty control.
  2. Engineering Module: Ensures compliance with various maintenance programs and applicable Airworthiness Directives (ADs) & Service Bulletins (SBs).
  3. Planning Module: Manage the preparation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks.
  4. Production module: Manage the actual execution of maintenance tasks.
  5. Maintenance Control Module: Serves as a link between the operation and the maintenance.
  6. Component Maintenance Module: Manage extensive maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities in a shop environment.
  7. Commercial Module: Monitor relationships with all customers and track the ongoing pre-sales activities with potential and existing customers.
  8. Quality Assurance Module: Complying with quality standards.

In addition to these core modules, AMOS also includes two additional functional sets:

  1. Human Resources Module: Manpower management.
  2. Financial Management Module: Controls maintenance costs which include tasks such as cost and warranty control, and invoice generation. Finance functions provide only a scope related to maintenance context and do not replace a complete finance system.

Swiss-AS also offers a growing number of optional modules such as AMOSMobile or “Multi-Entity” functions.

AMOS is the best-selling Aviation MRO software on the market.


Ramco MRO Aviation brings the best industry practices to users with 20+ years of aviation expertise.

Ramco MRO Aviation Features

  • COMPONENT MRO – Standard platform-enabled MRO solution comprising Component Receipt to ARC Release, Quote Management, and Invoicing processes with efficient customer interaction capabilities for enhanced operations, usability, and easy handling.
  • ENGINE MRO – Tailored MRO solution that enables Engine slot management, Work scope evaluation, Engine visit, estimations, build-up, kitting, Digitized task card, Maintenance tracking, ARC, and Quotation & Invoicing processes with efficient customer interactions.
  • LINE MRO – Line Maintenance MRO Solution offering AMO and Line station maintenance operations with efficient work scoping, defect reporting, and flight service billing with ease.
  • HANGAR MRO – 3rd Party Aircraft Maintenance MRO Solution offering an end-to-end cycle from Aircraft Induction to Billing, Work scope Management, Task card digitization, efficient planning, connected inventory planning, and Automated invoicing functions.

Aviation MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and overhaul) software manages the maintenance, repair, and operations of aviation businesses and airlines.


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