A good work environment around you makes you feel a better work experience. The work environment not only includes structural surroundings but also the people and the environmental conditions around you.

In this article, I’ll guide through the environmental conditions of the aviation maintenance workplace and the amount of sleep obtained by aviation maintenance personnel. Lack of sleep or fatigue is a serious challenge in the workplace.

Workplace environmental conditions can impact the quality of work performance and worker fatigue. A better work environment can minimize the stress of workers and maximize the productivity of an organization.


Making of Better Work Environment

In Aviation, Airports and Aircraft Maintenance Hangers are very sensitive areas. Your small mistake can lead to a major incidence. Most people makes mistake due to a poor work environment, careless attitude, and stress.

So whenever you work on aircraft at apron or in maintenance hanger always be careful, stress-free, and confident. And also make other co-workers with a positive attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, but only wise people learn from their mistakes.

The working environment plays a vital role to accomplish any task. So it is necessary to make your workplace better. Your small contribution like motivation, appreciation, encouragement, and respect to co-workers may give better results. That will be always benefits for you, your co-workers, and also your company.

Aviation Maintenance Working Environment

Aircraft Maintenance personnel at most facilities works one of three shifts:

  1. Day Shift
  2. Afternoon Shift
  3. Night Shift

Top 4 environmental factors that affect your job performance

1. Inadequate Sleep

According to research data, it shows that airline maintenance personnel sleep about 5 hours per day. All sleep experts agree that 5 hours is not enough sleep. An average recommended sleep requirement for adults is 7.5 – 8.0 hours per day. Changing the culture of aviation maintenance personnel to sleep more hours is likely to be difficult. Education may be the only way to accomplish this cultural change.

2. High Temperature

It is critical that workers maintain a focus not only on the job task but also on the temperature of the work environment. The extremely high temperatures are being observed on the flight line. The combination of high ambient temperatures on the hot ramp with hot aircraft and ground equipment presents a very high-temperature risk. It is valuable to move the air, even when the air is an elevated temperature, this can be achieved by portable fans and portable air conditioning systems.

For the hangar work, all of the aircraft interiors were cooled adequately. The challenges occur when unscheduled maintenance arises and workers must access elevated tail sections, cargo bins, avionics compartments, and similar confined spaces. Study make good practices related to working in high-temperature conditions. Thermal Comfort Index Chart must be used to make the worker’s comfort zone.

3. Noise

Noise as the third-highest environmental factor affecting job performance. Sound, measured in Decibels (dB), was statistically the same across all airlines. Hearing protection must be worn in order to keep your stress level less. The temperature and humidity were ranked 1 and 2, respectively. Noise maybe even more difficult to control than temperature/humidity. High sound is an unavoidable by-product of turbine engines and industrial repair equipment.

4. Inadequate Lighting

Inadequate lighting as a factor that affects job performance. That factor was number 4 following temperature, humidity, and noise.

Ideas To Improve Work Environment

If you are a team leader, manager, or engineer, learn how to implement strategies that make your workplace more attractive and satisfactory to you and your employees. Here I’m giving some points that help you to make a better work environment.

Never force your workers to work late at night or after duty time because work is a never-ending process. And it can never be completed. Let them free after his/her duty time.

Life is not only about working. You or your employees did not study hard and struggle in life to become a machine. If you also work late at night and force your workers to stay with you and complete the task, it does not mean you are a hard worker. It means you are a fool and don’t have leadership qualities to manage your work within the stipulated time. If you work late, your life becomes meaningless. There is more to life and you need time to socialize, entertain, relax, and exercise. Don’t let life is meaningless. So if you are leaving the office on time it means you are efficient, you have a good social life and quality family life.

Treat everyone with respect, from the helpers to the highest-ranking executive. Take the time to greet your employee and compliment them for a job well done.

Be a good listener. Give honest sincere appreciation. Encourage lower employees to raise hazard findings. Smile, Smiles help to make you seem more approachable. Remember the employee’s name and call your employee with their name in the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

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