Optimisation of aircraft ground operations to reduce airport emissions can reduce resultant local air quality impacts. Single engine taxiing (SET), where only half of the installed number of engines are used for the majority of the taxi duration, offers the opportunity to reduce fuel consumption, and emissions of Oxides of nitrogen (NOX), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC).

Without SET during taxi-in, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions would increase by up to 50%. (According to a report published by Cambridge University).

Single Engine Taxi Without APU

for A320 Family

The Single Engine Taxi Without APU solution (SETWA) is designed specifically to allow our A320 family customers to taxi on a single engine without the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).

According to Airbus, SETWA is both economical and ecological. There are significant fuel savings per year per aircraft and SETWA helps the airline save an estimated 15,000 USD per aircraft, per year.

The SETWA solution consists of a wiring modification in the pylon and around the engine fire handle. It can be embodied in an overnight shift.

The solution allows compliance with JAR/FAR 25.1195. Thus, 2 fire extinguishing bottles remain available when using one engine instead of two in line with regulatory needs.

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