Stress Management Techniques

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MANAGING STRESS As we all work with a certain level of stress, it is important to know how we can manage stress to ensure it is kept at a manageable…

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Effects of stress in the workplace

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Stress is an inevitable and necessary part of our everyday life. It has the potential to motivate us and heighten our response to meeting the challenges we face, as well…

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What does an Aircraft Mechanic do

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Aircraft Mechanic (also called Aircraft Maintenance Technician) is responsible for the delivery of aircraft maintenance services to support the operational requirements under the supervision of the Station Maintenance Manager. In…

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How To Prevent Inadvertent Slide Deployment

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Inadvertent slide deployment is a serious threat to safety. They can cause serious injury to people in or around an aircraft, and the financial impact caused by delays and repairs is also significant.

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Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

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PBN stands for Performance-Based Navigation. PBN is a new concept and it is based on the use of Area Navigation systems. PBN aims to ensure global standardization of Area Navigation…

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