Fiber Optics

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While many of us have heard the term "fiber optics" or "optical fiber". This technology uses light. Some of us really understand what it is. If you do not know…

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Display Technology

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Modern passenger aircraft employ a variety of different display technologies on the flight deck, including those based on conventional cathode ray tubes (CRT), light-emitting diodes (LED), and liquid crystal displays…

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What is Fly-By-Wire Technology

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Fly-By-Wire is a system that regulates the flight controls by electrical wires and computers. Fly-by-wire (FBW) replaces all the conventional mechanical linkages like cables, rods, pulleys, etc by an electronic…

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Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

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PBN stands for Performance-Based Navigation. PBN is a new concept and it is based on the use of Area Navigation systems. PBN aims to ensure global standardization of Area Navigation…

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Aircraft Radial vs Bias Tyre

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The basic difference between a radial tyre and bias (cross-ply) tyre is the lay of the plies within the tyre carcass. The remainder of the tyre is very similar in…

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